Have You Heard About Trichotillomania?

There are many factors that trigger excessive hair shedding leading to full or partial baldness. Almost 90% users of men’s hair systems have either experienced this as a genetic trait passed on to them or due to any medical condition like cancer.

But have you ever heard of a person pulling out hair from the scalp, desperately until the head goes bald?It may sound weird but it happens and this impulse-control disorder is called Trichotillomania. People suffering from this disorder feel a compulsive urge to pull out the hair and this very act makes them feel relieved. 

After pulling a handful they tend to cool down, their anxiety subsides and they get back to normal for a while. And it’s not like that they pull hair from the scalp only. They can pluck from their eyebrows, eyelashes and even from the body.

A patient of this disorder can pluck from multiple sites at a time, the scalp being the most obvious one. This can cause permanent hair loss of the entire scalp or a part of it.
Immense depression, traumatic disorder and guilt-tripping are the key factors behind this. What makes us feel bad is

Trichotillomania patients are mostly teen-agers and young adults.
Under prolonged Psychiatric treatment they can recover but by then they’d become fully or partially bald. And this can make them feel depressed again.

Of course, hairpieces can help and make them feel positive about life again. There are many instances. Last year, a Daily Mail article featured a young adult, a 22 year old girl, who did suffer from the disorder but now living a normal life.
She wears hairpieces to hide the scars of that scary phase of her life. We wish all the people who are currently suffering from it get well soon.
We are here for all the support they require.