Hairpieces for best comfort and invisible hairlines

When you are buying a hairpiece, comfort and natural look are two key takeaways which you expect. Hairpieces made of Swiss lace or French lace bases are durable but if you want ultimate comfort then you should go for the skin hairpieces.

Lace bases are mostly appreciated for their durability. Of course it does not mean that the skin pieces will not last longer. It actually depends on the user and how he is handling it.

Skin bases are superfine and capable of providing a great comfort level. Currently we have two kind of skin hairpieces in offer-- bio skin and thin skin. We have recently introduced the bio-skin bases which are stretchable and feel like actual human skins. You will tend to forget that you are wearing a hairpiece.

Bio-skin hairpieces are little expensive and can be shipped in exchange of a few extra dollars. If that extra amount will bug you too much then go for the thin skin pieces. They come with the knotted or injected options. You need to mention your preference while ordering. A thin skin is actually a polyurethane and the kind of finishing we provide can dodge the viewers. Hair seems like originally grown from the scalp.

We take pride in our thin skin products. These are unbeatable in terms of price, comfort and look. Thin skin bases are micro-thin in texture and provide completely invisible hairlines, provided you have properly chosen the base color. This is not a mere selling pitch. We actually got this feedback from our customers.

Turning to the newly launched Bio-skin bases, these are superfine and super-stretchable. It is ideal for those who wear full caps. Hair attachment to these bases are done either by v-loop or knotted ventilation. This too need to be mentioned when you will place the order.