Hairpieces Can Trim Down Your Salon Spends

It may not be the case for all but many of us like to do something different with our hair whenever we are going to hit the parties, attend a wedding or have been asked out for dinner. Leave out the personal agenda, you cannot rule out the need for being presentable enough on a corporate lunch. And hairpieces can help.

Specially constructed custom hair systems, made to order with your choice of color, styling, gray percentage, density and waving can set the looks wonderfully for such occasions.

If you think that hair replacements are meant only for those who have lost their hair completely or partially due to genetic traits, medical conditions, stress, chemicals or excessive exposure to pollution, then please change your views.

Hair replacements serve people, with or without balding and hair problems.

Here we are keeping the focus on the former, since they need to know more about the benefits of hairpieces. It can slash down their salon spends. 

And the pluses of these pieces are--

> This is going to stay with you for a long time, even up to six months.

> You have to pay once and will be able to use it multiple times.

> You can switch styles as and when required. For example, let’s imagine you have gone office without a hairpiece, in your natural hair, but you have a date in the evening. At EOD, just put the hairpiece on and you are ready!

If you buy more than one hairpiece, you can keep a number of options ready for different occasions. You can choose accordingly. 

> You can even attend a pool party with your hairpiece on since our hairpieces are made of 100% Remy human hair.

> These pieces can withstand gentle to moderate pulling of hair. The hairpiece won’t be displaced or no one can take it off your scalp unless you let him/her to do so. You shall have the liberty to let your date overstep the mark if you both agree.

> If you start using hairpieces daily, you won’t be in need of regular hair spa, oil treatments or other salon care and that will save a lot of money.

This is what makes hairpieces a functional choice for all.

Do some basic maths and tell us how much you spend in a year for coloring, highlights, hair setting, styling or hairdo? says on an average, US men spend $28 for each haircut. The prices do vary from state to state. It’s highest in San Francisco( $49 ) and lowest in Minneapolis( $31).

Let’s round it off and we can see that on an average US men spend $360 a year only for haircut. Now add the expenses of coloring, occasional hair setting and highlights. Okay, not all men go for highlights. Skip it.

On an average, single-process professional hair color treatment in US will cost you not less than $70. Even if you go for it once in a quarter, you need to pay $280 per year. 

So, we can conclude that on an average US men spend $360+$280= $640 per year only for haircut and coloring.

Now, one single hairpiece costs $148 to $200 and if you buy in combo or two hairpieces at a time, you can get it cheaper.

Isn’t it better then? Hairpiece hair doesn’t grow longer. You don’t need to trim or color. Your recurring salon spends can be saved.