Hair Systems: You Should Keep An Inventory

Like women, men too love to flaunt their favorite accessories and they shop hugely. Marc Jacobs is often watched with a Birkin and Kanye West loves to sport his bespoke backpacks.

Now, if you are a consistent hairpiece wearer, then why shouldn’t you keep an inventory of men’s hair systems like Travolta or Sheen does? Even we suspect Enrique and Ben Affleck too.

“Very recently I stumbled upon a pic on Instagram, posted by Katy Perry. The singer has an epic hairpiece collection, mostly in pixie cuts,” says the marketing spokesperson of Hairpiece Warehouse, the US based premier hairpiece supplier with an international clientele.

“The moment I saw the pic, I was just, ‘wow, men should see this’! Three shelves, all dedicated to her hair systems, in different cuts and colors. Every man of style should maintain such kind of an inventory,” he smiles.
Although celebrity women frequently switch from blonde to auburn, from long layers to short, celebrity men tend to maintain a signature look. But they too never bank on one or two hairpieces.

They get the style adapted in 10 odd hair systems, in different colors, streaks and hairlines so that when they swap, it should look like as if they’ve just had a haircut.

So instead of rush orders when the hairpiece has almost worn out, pick up the habit of maintaining a collection of pieces in different gray mix or color and styling. You can choose according to your mood, occasion and you will never be in a ‘hairpiece emergency’.

Hairpieces are no more bald-patch cover-ups now, thanks to the craftsmanship of the contemporary hairpiece makers. They can create remarkable pieces that look completely natural.

And the best is these pieces are not at all expensive. You can get a premium quality custom-made hair system in $200 which will last for months. If you have 5-6 hairpieces, then each one can extend its stay in your wardrobe for up to one year.

“There are two-three things that actually contribute to make a hairpiece look natural. First of all the hair used should be 100% Remy human hair. Secondly the base should be super thin,” he continues, “SFS lace and Bio skin bases are known for their invisibility.

“Then comes the construction part. How the hair is knotted or injected is very crucial. It needs to be done with ultimate precision, like the needlework in embroidery. All of our hairpieces are hand-tied and this is what makes our hair systems so premium,” he concludes.