Fully Customized Hairpieces in Offer

Many people do not use hair color because they think that will make them look unnatural. The same trend is seen among alopecia patients. They think hairpieces will not fit properly and that will hamper the dignity of their looks. On the contrary, custom hair pieces are capable of providing a natural appearance and a completely fresh look.

Hairpieces need to fit perfectly so that no one can figure out that you are wearing something. Although ready-made or stock hairpieces are capable of providing a natural look, you need to do a little bit of trimming on your own. Fully customized pieces are accurately made so that you won’t have to do anything else.

Many a times people buy stock pieces when they need them urgently. Stock pieces get delivered within 2 to 3 days. Custom pieces on the other hand require longer time to get manufactured. We normally ship custom pieces within 7 to 9 weeks. It varies from order to order, depending upon the specifications mentioned. After receiving the details we calculate and let the customer know how soon we will be able to deliver the pieces.

Filling out the details is very crucial, both for the customer and for us. These information actually help us deliver the best and so it is essential that the customers take this step very seriously. The fill-out form is long and unless you can provide us with the exact measurement or mention exact requirement which is ideal for you, we won’t be able to craft the customized hairpiece properly. You should never place an order in a hurry. 

We recommend all the customers, who intend to order for the custom pieces, to log in to our website and go through the forms multiple times. Understand all the fields, note them down all and write the details in pen and paper first. That way you shall have the option to check and recheck. Once you are done with this step you should finally fill out the online form and place the order.

We normally recommend customers who order for custom pieces to buy more than one at a time. Hairpieces need to get replaced after three months and since custom pieces cannot be delivered right away, you should always keep one piece ready in your hand. When you shall start using the next piece, you should place the next order.