Forget The Itchy Wigs: Try Hair Replacement Systems

For a long, long time people had to bear the itchy wigs and ugly hairpieces. Even the movie stars were not excluded. Many of them were spotted with poorly crafted wigs on or off screen. But the time has changed and hair replacements today are made to provide ultimate comfort to the wearers.

Everything begins at the base

It’s the base of a hairpiece that actually holds the keys of comfort. Once upon a time wigs were made on cotton or synthetic clothes and the scalps could hardly breathe.

No ventilation means increased sweating, infections and itchy feelings. Thanks to a number of ace hairpiece makers of the past century who invested their time and energy in R&D. And then we came up with lace bases and later, synthetic Polyurethane bases.

Both the bases are known for comfort and proper aeration. Besides, these bases are very light-weight. Users tend to forget that they are wearing something on their heads.

Contemporary hair replacement systems are constructed chiefly on five kind of bases—1) French Lace 2) Swiss Lace 3) Thin Skin 4) Bio Skin and 5) Monofilament.

Craftsmanship matters

Have you ever wondered why do the celebrities like Katy Perry or Rihanna, those who have voluminous and luscious natural hair, have too many hairpieces stacked inside their wardrobes?

It’s not about looking good on stage only. They wear hair systems off stage too. And why would someone do that if the pieces are not remarkable enough, in terms of finishing and quality? Modern hair replacement systems are known for highest grade craftsmanship.

The way hairpiece makers inject or knot individual hair on the base, is a matter of precision. And this is what makes the contemporary hairpieces a sought-after accessory. Even fashionable teens shell out for such pieces, be it for the Prom night or a family wedding.

Flaunt, do not hide

Not very long ago the general mindset of people regarding hairpieces had been like this—one easy-to-get and comfortable solution to hide balding, receding hairline or depleting hair mass.

Of course, women’s or men’s hair replacements can actually save a person from feeling ashamed of his/her loss of hair but the time has come that we should change the way we look at it.

Contemporary hairpieces are for flaunting styles and how you carry it. Instead of considering these pieces as cover-ups, start viewing them as a fashion accessory to make a statement.

Any good hairpiece supplier can get you customized hairpieces, colored and styled according to your choice.


A good quality hairpiece costs on an average $150 to $200 and we call it a value-for-money deal since these pieces can last up to six months. Wigs are of course a lot cheaper but any wise person would rather save money for a hairpiece that can provide him good comfort instead of buying cheap wigs only to get bothered later.

Natural appearance

Wigs are identifiable but quality hairpieces are not. Superfine lace bases or super thin skin bases are almost invisible to human eyes. Unless one takes a snap and blows up the image, no one can figure out that it’s a hairpiece. The hairline and fringes look completely natural.