Flying with your mens toupee? Here’s all you should know

One of the tricky situations for the mens toupee wearers is how to travel by air with your hair replacement systems. There are many issues to think about- can you go through the airport security, how to avoid any skin issues while wearing a artificial hair option in the aircraft, how to protect your artificial hair option if your baggage is manhandled by airport staff, etc. So, we have prepared this blog to offer a few key tips to fly by air with your artificial hair option without any worries:

Consider using a cotton liner

It is not uncommon to feel skin irritation or itchiness when you travel with your mens toupee on. The combination of heat and moisture isn’t a good thing for your scalp skin as it not only causes discomfort but also results in dermatological issues. However, the two of them naturally combine under your hair replacement systems due to the heat build-up and naturally secreting scalp oils. An easy way to prevent it is to absorb the moisture as soon as it is caused.

· Use cotton liner under the artificial hair option as it acts as an absorber of heat as well as moisture

· Make sure that the liner is made of 100% cotton as it is skin-friendly. Avoid buying cheap liners as they are generally produced with the fabrics that are not good for your skin

· You may purchase a good cotton liner from the hair replacement systems vendor at the time of buying an artificial hair option. Alternatively, you can also buy it online

Artificial hair options and airport security

While it is fine to wear a mens hairpieces while going for airport security the metal pins can cause hassle for you and you would probably be asked to take off the mens toupee. It seems embarrassing to take off your mens toupee with all the passengers around.

· Instead of using metal pins to secure your hair replacement systems it is best to use the glue or other non-metal options

· Even is you intend to wear a artificial hair option during the journey you may also consider putting it inside your shoulder bag or pouch and then put it on inside a washroom        

· If you have secured your artificial hair option with little m metal pins then make sure that you carefully pick all your pins at the time of wearing back your artificial hair option

Carry related accessories and artificial hair option care products

Along with the artificial hair option you also need to carry the related items like glue, security pins, bob pins. You would certainly not wash to come across a situation where you would not be able to wear your artificial hair option just because you don’t have The required accessories to fix it over your head.

· Make sure that you clean your artificial hair option very well before you pack it. Also don’t forget to dry t well and, make sure that no moisture is left before you pack your artificial hair option

· It is also possible that your mens toupee fiber might tangle when you wrap it. Applying a few drops of artificial hair option friendly oil will prevent this from happening


Hair pieces for men allow you to sport awesome hairstyles even if you don’t possess voluminous or healthy hair. For enjoying the best looks with your hollywood lace you need to buy the most relevant hairstyle that seamlessly blends with your overall features and accentuates the major strengths of your personality. It is equally important to take proper care of your hair replacement systems to enhance its looks and durability.