Feeling itchy with your hollywood lace? Here are effective home remedies

One of the most major issues that annoy the hollywood lace wearers is the itchiness that causes skin irritation. This issue is more common with the people who wear hair pieces for men regularly or for long hours. It results in an awkward situation as you obviously cannot take out your artificial hair option in front of others to scratch your head. If you are also struggling with this challenge then this guide will provide you some handy and effective tips to get rid of skin irritation or itchiness:

Buy premium quality skin-friendly artificial hair options

Avoid buying cheap hollywood lace as they are generally made from low-quality materials and can cause irritation, itchiness, and other dermatological issues. By investing in a high-quality hollywood lace you are doing your skin a great service by saving it from the dermatological risks posed by cheap material.


· The good quality hair pieces for men aren’t restrictively expensive. By adding just a few more dollars over the price of low-quality hollywood lace you can easily buy yourself a skin-friendly hair pieces for men that feels natural and doesn’t hurt your delicate scalp.

· You aren’t compelled to buy human hair pieces for men to avoid irritation as there are many skin-friendly options available in synthetic hair pieces for men as well. Ask your vendor to get the right one.

· One additional advantage of the skin-happy synthetic hair pieces for men over real hair pieces for men - apart from, of course, cheaper prices- are that they are comparatively much easier to be washed and maintained.

· Did you know that synthetic hollywood lace tends to leave less residue than their natural hair counterparts?


Use Witch-Hazel to avoid bacterial growth 

Bacteria are the major cause of itching and skin irritation and they thrive in the oil build-up. Witch hazel is proven to effectively remove the oil build-up. Witch Hazel may not sound glamorous but its qualities make it a perfect companion for your soft scalp skin. If you are looking for natural and more effective ways to get rid of itching when you wear your hair pieces for men at a stretch for many hours then seriously consider using Witch Hazel, Yeah, we know that question that just sprang in your mind and here are the instructions to use it:


· Take a damp cloud and put some drops of unscented, alcohol-free witch hazel

· Gently wipe it over your scalp covering the entire area

· Oil build-up is a naturally recurring process so your need to repeat above procedure every 3 hours

· While wiping, start from the back of your scalp- a few inches above the nape, and then gently make your way up towards the forehead.

· Divide your scalp (of course, mentally) in multiple sections and make sure that each section is properly wiped


Use Grape root

The grape root is another plant-friend of your skin that possesses proven qualities of reducing dermatological issues like irritation, inflammation, or itching caused by hollywood lace. An easy way to use Grape Root is to buy specific grapefruit scalp sprays available in the market. This friendly plant plays a vital role in minimizing the skin reaction to the glue, residue, etc. and thus saving it from itchiness and irritation.

· Along with preventing itching the grapefruit also possesses other medicinal qualities for your skin like avoiding crusting and locking the natural moisture

· Don’t forget to check that the spray shouldn’t contain unnecessary chemicals

· Cheap sprays must be avoided and be ready to invest a reasonable price to buy naturally prepared grapefruit sprays with a decent volume of the main element


Itchiness is a natural but unwelcome condition caused due to different reasons like bacteria, infection, or skin irritation. The issue becomes more challenging if you are wearing a hollywood lace and have an irresistible urge to scratch your scalp. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the practical tips on how to get rid of itchiness or irritation caused by your hair pieces for men. By following any of these tips you can easily keep your scalp skin healthy and itch-free.