Fantastic ways to make your hollywood lace stand out

It has now become much easier to find a variety of hollywood lace in the market and pick the one that perfectly suits your persona and style. Moreover, the increasing number of players in the field has also brought down the cost and you can now buy cheap hair pieces for men online or offline without compromising on the quality. However, maintaining an artificial hair unit might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you are a beginner. There are several things to keep in mind and some of the tasks may be too demanding to accomplish properly. Sometimes you may also need to fix some specific issue of your artificial hair unit and doing it yourself may look pretty difficult or even impossible. The reality is that by investing the right amount of attention and care you can do several artificial hair unit maintenance tasks you and may also fix some of the issues without any dependency. In this guide we are going to share some of the best and actionable artificial hair unit hacks to take the best care with least efforts:

The best alternative for the clips

It could be challenging to retain the original position of the hollywood lace s that doesn’t come with clips. An ideal option is to go for the hair pieces for men clips but it is not uncommon to misplace them. What to do if you need to attend a party that is about to begin in an hour and you realize at the nth hour that you have misplaced the hollywood lace clips?

·       The easy solution lies in the form of bobby pins. For that, you can use a few bobby pins around to offer reliable security to your hair pieces for men. Just make sure that you have an extra box to keep all your bobby pins at one place.

How to fix bobby pins?

Take some bobby pins and carefully fix them in the sides of your hair pieces for men adjusting it to the bottom of perimeter braid. It is the best way to offer the best security to your hollywood lace

·       The right type of security depends upon your specific style and volume

·       Generally, 2-4 pins are sufficient but if your hair pieces for men is voluminous or you have a complicated style then it is advisable to use at least 4-6 bobby pins

·       All you have to do is to insert the bobby pins properly to pin the hollywood lace cap and braid together.

·       The best position to pin the bobby pin is your neck’s nape and above the ears

·       Just make sure that a few strands of hair should hang over your bobby pins to conceal their presence.

The best hack for oily hair pieces for men

Oily artificial hair unit can be a problem for many people. People have the habit of running their fingers constantly through hair which may cause the oily artificial hair unit that gives you an uncomfortable feeling.

·       The conventional solution is washing the artificial hair unit thoroughly but there is an instant solution to quick fix this situation.

·       Just take a little bottle of baby powder and shake a little quantity on to your roots.

·       Now using your fingers or a brush work the powder down through to your artificial hair unit so that it will uniformly diminish the extra shine of your artificial hair unit.


Many people fail to tae best care of their hair units as they don’t have the precise knowledge of hair unit maintenance. However, it impacts the overall looks and strengths of your hair unit. So, we have shared several tips on maintaining your hair unit with the minimum efforts. By following this guide you would be able to take the best care of your hair units with a few easy steps.