Factors to be considered while going with Mens Toupee

Toupee for men is a part of your hair replacement system. Mens Hairpieces are designed to cover the small bald spots on the head.

Mens Toupee is quite different from the other systems. A unique feature is that it only covers the top of the head. This results in cost-effectiveness as most of the men lose hair on the top rather than on the side and back. Hair systems can be completely customized according to one’s requirements in terms of hair color, or hairstyle.

The most popular non-surgical hair replacement system is a toupee. Mens toupees are designed to cover the small bald spots on the head. You can choose the color of toupee, texture, styles that match your natural hair. A professional stylist can help to choose the perfect toupee for you.

Many are suffering from hair loss or have bald patches on the scalp. You are having such hair related issues then you should go with the toupee. Toupee for men covers up the entire patches and makes it look natural. Finest quality of mens hairpieces doesn't stay attached to the scalp for the longer duration of time.

Parameters to be considered while going for a toupee

There are certain factors that one should consider while selecting the ideal toupee. Parameters like Hair Density, front hairline, length of hairs. The hairstyle should suit you perfectly otherwise it's going to look like an artificial wig.

The hair density then it should match the density of your natural hair. You can have a slightly high density if you have a low density in comparison.

Hair density gets low with the aging. You can have any hairstyle or denser toupee if you are in your twenties or thirties. For the people in the late 40s or 50s, it is recommended that you should go with medium or low density whichever suits you.

When it comes to toupee, it is always good to go with the shorter hairs. Shorter hairs have low maintenance, and they are easy to style.

A natural look can be identified by the front hairline. Most people go with a constant solid hairline which makes it easy to identify. You can get a natural look by having a slightly uneven hairline just like normal hairlines are. That way toupees for men would look natural.


Advantages of toupees for men

      It gives you an instant result. Surgical procedures and hair implants take a lot of time to process and cure the hairs.

      Mens Hairpieces are completely painless as compared to the surgery.

      Mens Hairpieces are comfortable to use for all regular activities. You can swim, shower, and even do exercise with your toupee or hair system on.

      Unlike the surgical methods, results are guaranteed. Hair transplant takes more than 6 months to show the result but here you get the complete satisfaction of seeing you a new gentleman right from the next second.

Methods of attachments

You may decide to go with the non-surgical hair system. But the next thing that comes in the picture is which method to go with. There are three different methods of attachments for the toupee for men.



      Hybrid (tape + glue)

Each and every method is safe to use.

If you are suffering from hair loss and want to try out the hair system then call us. We will guide you through all the procedures. After all your satisfaction is what we are aiming for.