Enjoy Your Easter, Wear A Hairpiece

Everyone is getting ready for the Easter weekend and you too should not be left behind. Are you shying away for the bald patch that has just peeped on your crown or a hairline that has started receding? There’s no need to. Even Lady Gaga uploaded her pics without wearing her custom hair system on Instagram. And people saw her receding hairline.

We are not telling you to buy a hairpiece and knock everyone around to make them see that you are wearing it. We are just saying that do not ever feel inhibited. There are only three days to go before Easter. The time is short but has not run out.

If you order for a ready-made hairpiece now, that will be delivered within two to three days.

“We always keep our stock toupees ready since these are meant for urgent requirements. We have a couple of performers and entertainers in our clientele who can order anytime and we need to deliver them urgently,” says the Marketing Chief of Hairpiece Warehouse, the premier supplier of hairpieces.

“Since Easter is here and you have invites to attend, we shall ask you to consider wearing a nice hairpiece if you are not happy with the hairstyle you carry. You can wear the piece as an accessory that will enhance your look. Women wear such pieces frequently but men do feel apprehensive as they think people will identify.

“We shall ask all the men who have never used hairpieces and particularly our hairpieces, to give it a try. No one will ever figure out that you are wearing a hairpiece unless you show them the Poly borders or glue tapes,” he says.

It’s true that many people around us use the hairpieces and we do not have a slightest idea. Modern hair systems are so made that if you can match the base color with your skin complexion, people will not be able to detect at all. 

“We are in this industry for more than 14 years now and we have customers from all walks of life. They often mail us and we do ask them to give their feedback. Sometimes such letters bring tears in our eyes. We can share a story. She is a cancer patient and the therapy has took a toll on her beautiful tresses. She found us on the web, wrote to us, we coordinated and when she wore our hairpiece for the first time, watched herself in the mirror she broke into tears.

“She wrote us all in a very soul-touching letter, thanking us. Now she can attend parties, family get-together and hang out with her friends. She had a terrible time. We are happy that she is living her life again,” he stops.

May be many of you are suffering from the same kind of problems. It may not be cancer but it can be any other medical condition, hereditary trait, stress, medications etc. which has made your scalp shed the volumes and you hate to look at the mirror.

Do not feel bad, just buy a ready-made or stock hairpiece and enjoy Easter.