Does Adhesives used in Hair Replacement System causes Medical Issues?

People are very much concerned about the glues that are used in a hair replacement systems. This article will clear your doubts about the adhesives and basics of hair systems. People often have misconceptions about hair systems. Misconceptions include longevity of the Hair System because they think it's not going to last long. It may end up being loose from the scalp. Artificial look is another misconception. People think it looks like a few sets of hair put on the head which looks less attractive.

What is Hair Replacement System, Mens Toupee, and Hairpieces?

People are often confused with the Hair System, Toupee, and hairpiece. Let's clear those things first. Mens Toupee and hair systems are part of hairpieces. Hairpiece means people can wear anything which enhances there look which includes few additions to the hairs.

Mens Toupee is quite different from the other systems. A unique feature is that it only covers the top of the head. This results in cost-effectiveness as most of the men lose hair on the top rather than on the side and back.

The hair system consists of sets of hairs that will be attached to the scalp by means of adhesives and other techniques. It can be taped or glued on the scalp and sometimes individual hairs can be injected or sewn to the base as well. It is also called a Hair Replacement Systems.

Does the adhesive safe for the skin? Does it have any side effects?

Yes, it is absolutely safe for the skin to use adhesives. Medical board regulates the medical adhesives. The board ensures the safety and the cause of side effects. There's a difference between industrial glue and medical glue.

Industrial glue contains a lot of metal impurities, toxic substances. These impurities will cause skin problems and itching. Sometimes the hairs loosen a bit.

Medical Adhesive takes care of these things and removes all the impurities which result in safety, and they should be safe to use on the skin.

 Type of Adhesives used for the hair replacement system.

There are two types of adhesives. Both have pros and cons. One is soft bond adhesives and another is hard bond adhesives. In short words, soft bonds are more comfortable and have less wear. But for hard bonds, they run short for comfort but long on wear.

Soft bond adhesives are made up of latex, silicone, and acrylic. These adhesives last only for two to four weeks and give excellent comfort. Silicone adhesive is recommended for its strong adhesive properties. It can be used by those who are allergic to latex and can have a hair system on without any worry.

Hard bond adhesives are made up of long-lasting chemical glues, which has no water contents. Hard bond adhesives are less comfortable and they last long. They can last for several months. These adhesives are like super glue. You have to specifically remove it. We recommended this method to our clients who have an active lifestyle.