Do You Gel-Set Often? Try A Hairpiece

Gel-setting is cool, especially if you can set it in ‘Joey’ style but if you do it too often, almost regularly, then it’s not a good habit to keep, considering the health of your hair. Using hairpieces for men, set in a style you want to flaunt can let you stop experimenting too much with your natural hair.

Frequent use of hair gel or hair cream is one of the chief reasons of hair damage, hair fall and consequent balding or thinning. Regular usage of these products triggers hair follicles miniaturization and finally total hair loss.

The chemicals used in the gel combine with dead skin cells and pollutants to result in ‘shiny scalp’. This means the pores are completely filled up and sealed so that no hair growth is possible.

And when this will occur, eventually you’ll end up buying hairpieces to cover your baldness. But if you use a hairpiece instead of gel-setting to get the kind of look you seek, you can save your hair and at the same time can keep flaunting your favorite style.

Using hairpieces will also help you save your monthly salon spends. People who use gels and creams need to do hair spa at least twice a month and these sessions are not cheap.

One good quality stock hairpiece costs around $160 and that can serve you for 2-6 months. Durability varies according to the usage and maintenance. But in any case this is money-saver.

A ready-made hairpiece, constructed on a French lace or Swiss lace base can be styled in whichever manner you like. You just need to choose the base color properly, so that it matches with your complexion and provide you an invisible hairline.

You can wear these pieces at work, while partying or on a date. There’s no need to worry about detachment. These can even withstand gentle to medium pulling of hair.