Do Not Buy Side Effects, Buy A Soft Lace Toupee

Do you know that hair transplants trigger a number of side effects which can last for more than a week? You will bleed, your scalp will be full of bruises and a consistent pain will keep you remember that you’ve had a surgery. Why would you pay for all these? Buy a soft lace toupee instead. It’s cheaper and can provide you with a completely natural look.

Transplant sessions are costly. On an average you will need to shell out around $9000 for full-head grafting. Whereas a full-cap lace toupee will cost you not more than $200 and will never cause you any side effect.

Transplant sessions have a number of painful and lingering side effects--

Bleeding-- The surgery makes your scalp bleed. Doctors say it is normal. It may be so but is that desirable?

Swelling-- The forehead and the area around your eyes will swell and that will last up to 7 days. Almost 90% transplant patients have to face this.

Cysts-- It appears on the donor area and stays for a number of days. Just imagine how ugly it looks.

Neuralgia-- During the course of surgery, facial nerves can get damaged and cause numbness or ‘pins & needles’ sensation. This effect can even stay for a month.

Pain-- This too is mentioned as a normal side effect by the doctors. Of course you cannot imagine a surgery that has not left you with a painful reminder and it stays for a week at least.

Itching-- It comes for sure during the healing period.

Infection-- This too is common and you will need to take antibiotics.

If you buy a lace toupee you won’t have to face any of the above. Instead you will feel the ultimate comfort and can start flaunting a hairstyle of your choice right away.

Why would you choose to pay for the side effects then?