Custom Hairpieces Are Meant For Keeping Your Own Style

Sometimes we come across customers who find themselves in a dilemma that whether they should go for a stock hairpiece or a custom hairpiece. Since stock or ready-made hairpieces too are available in a number of base color, density and gray percentage, our customers feel the confusion.

Actually, stock hairpieces are for immediate requirements. If you need a hairpiece within 2 to 3 days, these are ready for delivery.

But we would always suggest that if you are not in a hurry, can wait for 5/6 weeks to get the toupee delivered, you should go for the custom toupees.

These toupees are specially constructed on the basis of the specifications mentioned by you. The idea is to preserve the style which has almost become the integral part of your persona.

Some people love to experiment with their looks and they don’t stick to any particular hairstyle. Both stock and custom toupees can serve them well. If they buy more than three to four toupees with different hairstyles or colors, they will be able to wear them in rotation. 

But for others, who are strictly loyal to one kind of hairstyle, a custom toupee with a custom hairstyle should be the best choice. Left crown, center crown, left part, central part-- you will have a variety of options to choose from.

Besides you can also ask for a replica of an existing hairpiece. Instead of getting confused with the order form, you can mail the toupee, properly washed and the replica will be ready.

If you are filling out the order form, fill it out carefully, specially while selecting the base color. It should exactly match your skin color or else you wont be getting undetectable hairline.

Both stock and custom hairpieces are made of soft base materials that allow enough ventilation.