Cool tips on wearing toupees when it’s hot

Wearing toupees during the summer season seems to be an ordeal. You perspire more and your scalp needs more breathing space. It doesn’t mean that you should stop wearing toupees and compromise with your looks. In this guide, we are going to share some practical and actionable tips that will allow you to wear your favorite toupee style whole day long without feeling uncomfortable:

What type of toupee you should wear during summers?

Human hair toupee is made of real human hair and thus looks very natural but it also means that they can collect oils and sweat. Perspiration increases during the summer season which makes human hair systems uncomfortable to wear due to the accumulated sweat and oils.

On the other hand, the fibers of synthetic hair replacement systems are not only lighter but also don’t collect sweat or oil as much as the human hair systems. You can wear them the entire day and still feel cooler and lighter. If you perspire heavily then you can consider taking it off every few hours and allow your natural hair to take in some fresh air.

Does heat affect your style?

If you wear human hair system then heat can affect the style by giving it a flat appeal. So it is best to wear synthetic toupees.

·       The synthetic toupees can keep their original shape intact regardless of the weather due to the material used

·       Even after washing the synthetic hair systems can immediately regain their original style and looks

·       If you have invested in a synthetic toupee of good quality then you can easily go out in the sun without worrying about the color as the synthetic hair replacement system don’t lose their color in the sun

Pro Tip: To be on the safer side you might consider applying sunscreen spray.

Which hairstyles are best for summer season?

Who doesn’t love those long, luxurious hair that bobs on your shoulder with each step you take. But this luxury comes at a high price during summers as the long hair strands tend to collect more sweat and oils thus making your hairpieces heavier and adding more heat to your scalps.

The shorter hairstyles with smaller hair strands and less volume collect less sweat. Keeps your scalp cool makes you feel light whole day long.

Other major factors to consider

·       Prefer light colors over dark ones as the latter tend to attract more heat

·       Reasonably increase the frequency and duration of washing

·       Use leave-in conditioners before going out

·       Avoid coloring your hair systems

·       Wear scarf or hat that can fully cover your toupee

·       Store hairpieces at airy, well-ventilated area without humidity

·       Replace conventional toupee caps with stretch caps and prefer cotton or synthetic caps .


Contrary to the notion it is possible to wear toupees during the summer season if you follow some guidelines. In this blog, we have presented some of the practical and actionable tips that will allow you to continue wearing hair pieces during summer seasons without compromising on the comfort factor.