Contemporary Skin Hairpieces Can Provide 100% Natural Look

The hairpiece industry has come a long way now and it is quite likely that the advancements in technology will help create more natural looking pieces delivering best of comforts. Skin hairpieces are so made that they can fit along the curvature of the scalp and impart a completely natural look without compromising the comfort factor.

Lace bases have been the favorite of Hairpiece industry for a very long time. Swiss and French laces are highly sought after materials, ideal for producing top grade hair replacements. But with the introduction of thin polyurethane skins, the industry has taken one leap forward. Crafting 100% natural looking hairpieces has become easier.

“If you ask us, we shall say that both the lace and skin bases are good. It depends on the requirement of the customers that lets us and them decide on the material. We have three kind of skin bases in offer. We always ask our customers to visit our website and check the details of each variety before placing the order,” said the Chief Product Manager of Hairpiece Warehouse, the premier hair replacement supplier.

Skin bases are made of polyurethane, a polymer material, produced by mixing two or more elements. The material can be manufactured super-thin and smooth, required for high-grade hairpiece production. While wearing a skin hairpiece the wearer will face no discomfort since these pieces are enough ventilated.

But the best feature of the product is the kind of natural look it is capable to provide. “Thin skin is simply ideal for custom hairpiece crafting. If a customer can properly select the color of the base, an exact match of his/her facial complexion, we can craft a 100% natural looking replacement for him,” the Chief Product Manager of Hairpiece Warehouse told us.

The company has recently introduced the ‘Bio Skin’ base which is one-step ahead of the thin skin in terms of fine texture and look. “Bio Skin is specially meant for people who have full baldness or wear full cap toupees. The skin is almost invisible and stretchable, so that the wearer feels like he is in his own skin”, he said.

“We have got very positive feedback on this product from both the new and old customers. After spending more than 14 years in this business we have been successful in developing a loyal customer base, who buy from us on a regular basis. The Bio Skin has made many of our old customers switch to this option. Mostly those who prefer the hairs to be injected are still preferring the lace replacements,” said the Head of Marketing.

The Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and people have started shopping for special attires and accessories. Add hairpieces in your shopping list, if you have alopecia or faced a massive hair loss recently due to any medical condition. Your friends and family will be surprised to find you in a completely new look. Check the Hairpiece website for more details and offers.