Balding: Blame It On Dihydrotestosterone


Maybe it’s too late to know since you have already lost your hair almost completely and started using men’s hair systems, still adding to knowledge never goes in vain. You can guide a colleague, a friend and of course the other men in your family.

And if you are suffering from partial balding then you should go through since you can stop spreading it all over your scalp.

It’s ‘Dihydrotestosterone’ or DHT hormone that triggers Androgenetic Alopecia. We call it common baldness. This hormone acts on the follicles of the scalp and gradually shorten the hair length to make them disappear completely over a period of time.

DHT is most active on the crown, front and top— the three main areas where the first bald patches appear. This is how receding hairline or thinning of crown hair occurs.

The hormone keeps reducing the life-cycle of the follicles.  

Now let’s have a look on how DHT is formed. This one is a derivative of Testosterone which we often call the male hormone in spite of the fact that both male and female bodies produce this.  

In case of men, the count is higher.

When 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme, acts on testosterone, it synthesizes DHT in the hair follicles and in other parts of the body. Now, DHT gets into action.

Probably you are wondering how you can stop the production of DHT. There are certain drugs that help in blocking DHT but you should never buy anything online. Consult a doctor first.  

There are certain natural remedies too which are preferable—

  • Organic saw palmettos are the best but don’t eat in empty stomach  
  • Green tea is one of the most effective DHT blockers
  • Emu oil, 100% natural, can block well
  • Pumpkin seed oil is a natural DHT remedy

Anyone who will keep these foods in his regular diet, can considerably reduce the chances of balding.