Are You Ready For The Weddings?

Finally, there is summer again and it’s the season when most of the weddings take place. Maybe you too have a couple of invitations. If you are wondering how to hide the small bald patch on your crown, buy a men’s hair replacement system.

You may have apprehensions on wigs but a contemporary hairpiece is beyond a wig. It’s a piece of accessory, handcrafted and constructed with precision. 100% Remy human hair is hand-tied or sewn into a lace mesh or a superfine Polyurethane skin.

Even if balding is not your problem but depleting hair mass is, wear a hairpiece. That will enhance your appearance and earn you a lot of attention.

Wigs are detectable in naked eyes but hairpieces are not. These pieces stick to the scalp tightly giving an impression of natural hair grown right from the scalp.

Even people standing close can hardly guess. But to ensure that you get a completely invisible and undetectable hairline, you need to choose a base color that matches your complexion. Or else people can detect the edges. 

You are free to choose a hair color of your choice. If you have gray hair then you can order for a piece that will keep a certain percentage of gray hair in the mix so that it looks natural. You would have to mention that while ordering.

Since men nowadays frequently color their hair to hide their grays or to flaunt a fashionable color, you can even skip the gray percentage.

Ordering a hairpiece is easy, provided you have little bit of patience to carefully fill out the form. If you have a wedding next week then you would have to go for a ready-made stock hairpiece. That will be delivered within three days.

If you can wait for one or two months, then you should order for a custom hairpiece which will fit exactly along the curvature of your scalp. Check our stock and custom hairpiece sections.