Are You Buying Pain To Get Rid Of Balding?

“We absolutely can’t bear ourselves looking old, unattractive or unappealing and we simply don’t mind spending a volume to keep up our good looks but is it worth paying for a treatment that may or may not give you the results?,” asks the Marketing Spokesperson of Hairpiece Warehouse, the suppliers of men’s hair replacement systems.

“Transplant sessions come bundled with the pain that is felt after it’s over. As the surgery is usually done with a local anesthesia, the pain starts hitting once the patient walks out of the clinic,” he carries on, “and you will never know until some time passed that whether the pain was worth for or not. Transplants do not guarantee results.”

This is what surprises us. Why should people be spending thousands of dollars without being sure of what they would be getting in return? And even if you have got the results and your body has responded to the treatment, are you not buying pain to get rid of balding?

Is it worth at all to go through some kind of physical pain, on the scalp in particular, one of the most sensitive body parts? Our scalp is like a shield to our brain and is innervated by a number of nerves. A single itching or uneasy sensation on the scalp can cause prolonged discomfort in the body, distract us from our work and  trigger irritability.

Then what’s the point?

“We can understand how people feel when they see themselves balding or their hair thinning. Men are more likely to face these things than women at a very early age and the reason is chiefly genetic. It’s not curable and that adds to the irritation. This is what makes them jump on available options and there is no dearth of clinics claiming 100% results through transplants.

“We don’t see anything unnatural in people giving in to the Ads since those are very skillfully made, hiding all the side effects that come along with this treatment. Most people are not aware of other painless and cheaper means of dealing with their baldness,” he says, “and even if they know about it, they suffer from many misconceptions.

“We frequently come across customers who are apprehensive about hair replacement systems, since they think they will look unnatural. They don’t know in fact that many of their favorite celebrities wear these hairpieces to flaunt a flawless look. And that’s a strong argument in favor of hairpieces. People can hardly guess if the wearer uses a nicely constructed piece with invisible hairline.”

And we do have proofs. How many of you had been aware that Beyonce wears lace toupees until some blown up images started flashing on the net? Besides it depends on the kind of hairstyle you are choosing. For example, Enrique carries a specific style which hides the hairline on his forehead and that style is maintained in all the hairpieces. 

Yes, he wears it all the time since he is smart enough to choose a painless solution for his receding hairline. What about you?