And Andre Wore A Hairpiece

Those who grew up in the ‘90s watching the Grand Slams, can never forget the dude in fluffy, thick, blonde hair, neatly arranged with a headband. Yes, we are talking Andre Agassi and his men’s hairpiece.

His thinning hair problems made him wear hairpieces while appearing on the tournaments in the initial days of his career. And who would deny that the kind of look, set by the hairpiece, was so intriguingly cute.

That was late ‘80s when he stepped in to professional tennis and started competing in Grand Slams. And whoa! The ladies and girls, all over the world, instantly felt a crush on him.
Every time he jumped, ran, served or stroked, his hair responded so nicely with the action, allowing the photographers click the right pics to be sold in millions of copies.

That hairpiece did set his signature look which we missed later when he decided to go natural. In his autobiography he has mentioned that the change was suggested by Brooke Shields, his ex-wife, who was his girlfriend that time.

Some fans liked the decision, some didn’t but the point is, could anyone ever imagine that he was wearing a hairpiece all the time while playing one of the toughest of Grand Slam finals in his career?
Remember the 1992 Wimbledon final with Goran Ivanisevic? The 6–7(8–10), 6–4, 6–4, 1–6, 6–4 match was won by Andre.

Only once he had a disaster and that made him lose his first Grand Slam title, back in 1990. He made it to the finals of French Open. And the day before his hairpiece malfunctioned. He didn’t have a replacement ready.

So he had to play cautiously. He was ready to give away the title but the idea of the hairpiece falling off was terrifying to him.
Wish we were there and served the right piece!