An Everlasting Piece: The Hairpiece Movie

If you are into hairpieces like you are in love with the fashion, keep an enviable inventory in your wardrobe, change toupees like you change your shirts and order a new custom hairpiece almost every month, you should watch the film.

You can definitely relate.

If ‘hairpiece’ is a completely alien term to you and you have never given much thought on your receding hairline or balding issues, you must watch. You shall learn a few things that you need to know.

And if our blog posts have still not encouraged you to consider buying toupees, this film may, especially when you’ll check our product pages and wonder how hairpiece craftsmanship did make a progress over time.

There is a third group of people. They are regular wearers of hair replacements and understand the practicality of this accessory since the toupees serve them to keep up their looks, either in a high profile corporate set up or in a job that has something to do with the appearance. They may stylishly acknowledge the attempt of the director.

This year 2000 movie managed to collect $75m in box office and we must say it’s not a great movie. But those who are related to the hairpiece industry in some way or the other should watch it at least once. We think none of the senior hairpiece makers has missed.

And we recommend to all the apprentices and new entrants in the industry. There’s a reference of historical incidents and how hairpieces got intertwined with the socio-political issues. This kept the story-ball rolling only to lead you to a happy ending.

But please don’t get shocked with the pieces that are used in the film. It’s a ‘period’ film and toupees used to look ‘gross’ that time. There were no Bio skin, Thin Skin or Monofilament bases. And there was no Superfine Swiss Lace toupee to provide invisible hairline look.