Amazing Way To Attach Men’s Toupee That Stays For Long

Hair is an important part of our identity. People spend considerable time in maintaining their soft and silky strands. When it comes to hair, it's a sensitive subject for both men and women.

Toupees are being used for a long time to cover up baldness in men. Some people also use wigs just for fun, but for others, it saves them embarrassment. There are a lots of ways by which you can attach toupee for men.

You can fix them either with a clip or self-adhesive tapes. In this article, you are going to look at the ways you can attach toupee with tapes and glues.

How Do you Attach a Toupee?

Toupees are different from wigs in a sense they are partial arrangements and wear off over time. So, it's important to attach it correctly for preventing fall offs. Glues and tapes are the best way to attach these mens hair pieces as it lasts for a longer time. You can go along with your daily activities by fixing them up with glue or tape.

Types of Tapes and Glues

There are different types of tapes available in the market, and these last between 1-4 weeks, depending on their quality. You can try mini tapes, rolls, front laces, and contour types according to hair type.

Glues are normally water-based adhesives and don’t itch your scalp and strong enough to last for a couple of weeks.

Steps to Attach a Toupee with Glue &Tape

There are two steps involved for fixing mens toupee on your head, the grooming stage and the attachment stage.

Preparing the Glue and Toupee for Application

The first thing you need is to dry your scalp. Also, remember to keep your scalp free from any impurities, and don’t rush about your job. Switch on the AC and keep a towel at hand in case you begin to sweat.

Keep some space between the hairline and the forehead. Start fixing the tape to the toupee and keep out the outer back cover dangling. If the hair is longer than 6," you need to clip it back. Don't apply any glue directly to avoid stickiness.

Attaching the Toupee

It is always better to fix the toupee on the head first. Let’s look at the steps below:

1.     Keep the toupee in the correct position, remove the tape cover and attach the temples

2.     Secure the toupee firmly into position. It may take a little bit time so please be patient

3.     Use a brush to apply the glue carefully and repeat the process couple of times

4.     Pin the toupee with a hair clip so that no hair is present in the area around the scalp

5.     Leave the adhesive to dry and fix it firmly over the temple for a long hold


The application of both glue and tape ensures a firm fit of your toupee over your head. Glue provides high levels of resilience and tape is used to provide long-lasting benefits. Our hair makes us look confident and hair replacement systems are a great solution for receding hairlines.