A Lace Hairpiece For That Special Woman

When we talk about balding and hair loss, we know that most women are shy to speak about these issues. They feel more embarrassed than men if their hairlines are notably receding or the hair mass is thinning. We can understand how it feels. If your friend, partner or any significant woman in your life is facing such problems buy her a nice lace hairpiece.

If you have missed the Women’s Day gift, you have still got time. If people can send belated birthday wishes even after a month, you are allowed to gift wrap the lace toupee box with a greetings card perched on the top, pick a bunch of fresh flowers and tell her how special she is. 

She may go under some kind of shock after unwrapping. You will need to make her calm down and help her try it out. Show her how to fix the toupee and let her see how more beautiful she can look with this accessory. She will be in tears, we bet.

But you would have to do a little bit of homework if you too are not a user. First you need to explore this site, learn about the toupees and then buy one. Do not go for a custom toupee if you are buying it as a gift since custom toupee order forms need more details which you may not know. Save that job for the next order which she will do herself.

Select from the ready-made varieties. Choose the base color that matches with her skin tone, find a style that will suit her, choose the density, gray percentage and place an order. The toupee will be delivered within 2 to 3 days.

We recommend Poly borders for first-time wearers since that help in better adhesion and easy removal. These hairpieces are not expensive and if it is for your wife, mother, sister or the girl you cannot live without, you shouldn’t be a miser.