A Healthy Diet Can Prevent Hair Fall

Although we are not in an age where hair fall or balding is considered to be an unsolvable problem and presently there are millions of people around the world who wear ready-made or custom-made hair systems, you should always try to prevent hair fall.

Nutritionists, Hair Specialists and Medical Practitioners around the world have always emphasized on the role that a healthy diet plays in preventing hair loss. 

Broadly, people lose hair due to three main reasons—

1.Genetic Trait


3.Medical condition

Apart from the first, the other two are the derivatives of certain situations and when these things kick off, you should fight back courageously.

Similarly, if you know that your family has passed on to you the genetic trait of balding, then taking preventive steps to delay the process or to reduce its impacts is being wise.

A good diet can change a lot of things and even solve almost 50% of life’s problems.

Just think logically. If you can stick to a healthy diet that does not lead you to digestive problems, keeps your lipid profile in check, adds sufficient nutrition to the system and helps the organs to perform to their best, don’t you think half of your worries will vanish?

Besides, a healthy diet will keep you away from a number of critical illnesses, boost your mood, add to your energy and reduce stress.

Now, to fight back the genetic hair loss there are a list of foods, regular intakes of which can remarkably slow down hair depletion and prevent balding.

For example, organic saw palmettos, green tea, emu oil (extracted from the bird) and pumpkin seed oil are good in preventing the formation of Dihydrotestosterone, the chief cause of common balding. (Check previous post)

So, if you believe in ‘Prevention is better than cure’, consult a good Nutritionist today.