A Guide To Choose The Right Stock Hairpiece

Buying a hairpiece is the best painless solution for balding, thinning hair mass or receding hairline, provided the construction of the piece is good enough. You need to choose the right custom or stock hairpiece option or else you may not get an undetectable hairline and good ventilation.  

You need to consider a number of things before placing an order and if you go for a custom hairpiece you will have to fill out an exhaustive list. That is never an issue with the seasoned wearers but for the first-timers, it may seem a difficult step to pass through.

That’s why it is always advisable to start with a stock hairpiece and then switch to custom pieces. Stock toupees are always ready to get delivered within 2 to 3 days.

There are a few basic choices that you need to make--


The base is the foundation of a hairpiece and to select the ideal one you need to know in which complexion category you fall into. Choose a base color that matches with your facial complexion or else it will look unnatural. 

Apart from the base color, you need to choose the type of base. It can be a Swiss Lace, French Lace, with or without a poly border. If you are a new user try the French lace base with poly border around the full perimeter.

Gray Percentage & Hair Color

This is applicable if you want to keep the gray hairs in the mix but the percentage of gray hair should not exceed more than 40%. If you are the one who has got gray hair but would have otherwise colored it, go for 0% gray. When you will get older you would gradually increase the gray percentage to make it look natural. 

Waving and Style

Waving is the natural curvature of human hair and it differs among people. If you want to keep your natural waving in the hairpiece, first identify the type of natural waving you have. Is it slight wave or medium wave or out and out curly? You can keep it that way only or you can go for a completely different option in case you want to flaunt a different look.

The same goes for styling and in stock toupees, any styling is possible.

Hair Density & Size

In stock toupees you have to choose between medium or light medium hair densities. If you seek higher density then you have to go for a custom hairpiece.

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While mentioning the size of the toupee always order for the one that is slightly bigger than your scalp size so that you can trim the fringes and customize further to get it fit properly along your natural hairline.