A brand new idea for hair problems

 Is the hair direct the good solution for baldness?

Baldness is one of the most embarrassing stages in men life. Due to this problem, they start losing their confidence and charm. Though they have tried many times to get this problem aside as a result of the just get disappointment. Consequently, occurring failure makes them more depressed. But now they just don’t need to worry at all here’s the solution to all their problems related to baldness. The hair direct or mens toupee is the best solution for baldness. These hairpieces look fantastic and real.

Are they long-lasting? Does this hair replacement system fall off?

Although the idea of having the hair system permanently on their head is ideal, this notion is unrealistic. This is because nothing is everlasting. Hence even the mens hair systems last for a long time if its use is proper with proper care and maintenance.  The prospect of investing in a hairpiece can be expensive and personal to the individual. Therefore, it means that caring and maintaining the mens hair systems is not the option but it’s the necessity.

 Many questions and doubts are surrounding mens hair systems. One of the most frequently asked doubt is whether the hair direct fall off during everyday activities. Such as wearing a cap, swimming, being in the sun etc. And these are perfectly normal doubt in once mind while buying such hair direct. The simple answer to that is no. The mens hair systems do not fall off completely. The thought that it will fall off is ok, but you can be assured that if it slightly lifts. It will not come off completely.  

How much does it cost? And how to apply it.

Before buying the hair direct the first question coming to us is whether it is affordable or not. Or if it is then the expense on a hairpiece is worth it or not. Then the honest answer to this is that it depends on the quality of individuals’ choices. The answer is the cost of toupee may range from $100 to $2,000. It’s amazing, right? There are many kinds of a system to be chosen. Which has Remy hair -$100; ROBO hair- $200; long hair- $25 per inch etc.

The second most concerning thing after getting this hair direct is how to apply them. How to apply hair direct by your own; then here’s the simple step to apply hairpiece.

Step 1: how to apply the adhesive.

When applying the water-based adhesive use thin, even coat and brush. Both horizontally and vertically down to the dots previously drawn on your forehead. Don’t cover the dots. Apply two fine coats and allow them to dry for 5-min. Now carefully wipe the dots off your forehead.

 Step 2: how to attach the hair system.

Position the hair system on your forehead directly over the adhesive. Once you are satisfied with position use flat edge of the comb to press it on to your scalp. You need to keep the system dry and free form perspiration for 24 hours.

Now hair direct is the best and easy way to get rid of your baldness an all sort of insecurities due to your baldness.