9 Tips On How To Take Care Of Men’s Hair Systems

Taking care of hair systems is not that difficult. You just need to keep in mind certain dos and don’ts. Below are 9 tips—

1. Always use large-toothed combs to brush your hairpiece hair. These combs let the hair pass smoothly through the bristles so that there’s no shedding. This is specially recommended for men who flaunt shoulder length hairpiece hair.

2. If you carry a short typical men’s hairstyle, buy a good wig-brush. This is specially made for brushing hairpiece hair.

3. Always brush gently or lightly, without pressing it on the scalp. You should remember that although hard-pressed brushing is good for scalp and natural hair, for hairpieces that’s the worst mistake to do. Hairpiece bases will simply get torn apart.

4. You should keep the hairpieces clean. You don’t need to take it off and wash daily but should keep it dirt-free. The frequency will vary depending on the climate, humidity, how much you sweat, how many times you’ve worn the piece and so on.

5. Only purified water is to be used for washing a hairpiece. Use only sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner or else both the base and the hairpiece hair will get damaged fast.

6. Take special care while sticking the tapes or taking off the hairpiece. Never do it in a rush. If it’s a low-quality wig you wouldn’t have to bother but any good quality men’s hair system should be handled with care.

7. After wash, never squeeze the hairpiece to shed extra water. It’s not a cloth. Simply pick it up from the sink and hang it on a soft hook or place it on a mannequin head. Let it dry naturally.

8. Do not ever use hair-dryers and always let the piece dry in a covered place, never under the sun.

9. You can take regular showers while putting the hairpiece on. In that case do not rub the hairpiece hair with the towel like we do with our natural hair. Instead keep pressing the towel gently.