8 Reasons You Should Avoid Transplants

Hair transplant is probably one of the most hyped solutions of balding and we have seen a mushrooming growth of transplant clinics all over the world in last one decade. This is scary and we do doubt that not all those clinics are run by certified medical professionals.

Many a times we have heard that patients went through injuries and pain only to find later that it was not worth for. Transplants can never guarantee that there will be a regrowth but hairpieces for men always provide the wearers a completely bald-free look and that too without infusing any kind of pain.
If you too are suffering from Alopecia and in two minds whether to buy a hairpiece or invest on a transplant session, please go through the points below--

  • To fill a bald patch or thin hair patch of your scalp, you’ll have to sacrifice another strip of hair-bearing area which is absolutely disgusting since that will leave the donor site with little or no hair. Then what’s the point?

  • It’s a surgery and so you’ll bleed. When the doctor will do the grafting, that will be done with the needles and even if you’ll be under local anesthesia, you’ll feel the pain after the effect is gone.

  • Hemorrhaging and bleeding is not enough, transplants can even cause nerve damage. You’ll find all the sites promoting hair transplants mentioning it as ‘minor’ damage but the fact is the magnitude varies from case to case.

  • As doctors choose the back of the scalp as the donor site, you won’t be able to sleep on your back for next three days at least!

  • Many patients suffer from infection and it takes a week or more to get healed.

  • Scarring occurs on the follicular insertion site. If it has been done in FUT process then scarring will be thin but in FUE, scars will remain, noticeable.

  • Many patients experience a volume of hair shedding after transplants and they need to wait for a month or more for regrowth. The FUE procedure result in death of healthy hair and transplanted hair as well. Doctors may argue that the percentage is low but why should someone pay for a treatment that will cause further shedding of hair when that was the reason why he went for it?

  • The treatment is highly expensive. The cost is calculated on the basis of number of hairs grafted. You’ll require at least 1000 per square inch if you want to keep the density normal. In US, cost per graft ranges from $6 to $10. So, on an average you’ll have to shell out $4000 to $5000. And at the end you may find that it has all gone in vain.