8 Most Essential Accessories For Men

Remember the role played by Al Pacino in the movie ‘The Scent of a Woman’? That character teaches us a lot of things, showing us how to rock the world even in the 50s. Has ageing caused you wear men’s toupees or hairpieces? And do you feel low about that?

Come on! Don’t you know some of the youngest of entertainers wear these hairpieces too? It’s not about the age. These hair systems are all about looking good and feeling young at heart even in the sixties.

Below is a list of 8 most essential accessories that men should keep in their wardrobes—


You should have at least two. One should be top notch formal that can go with any business or office attire.

Keep the other one to match with any kind of casual wear and if your budget permits buy another for beach vacations.  


An accomplished man should have a range of hats. What you don’t know is women do get impressed.


On an average four watches would make you covered for all occasions. You should definitely buy an underwater one and if you want to woo new-age women, get a smartwatch.


Men normally spend a lot for ties but do remember that these are not only supposed to be worn with formal wear, grab a GQ and get tips on how to flaunt a tie with a casual wear.


You need at least one branded pen to sign checks and documents, especially when you are with a girl or a lady.


Many men have fascination on belts. Instead of buying too many average belts, invest on a couple of branded ones.

Purses and Bags

A good leather purse, a stylish laptop bag, a smart sling bag, one good rucksack or knapsack and one branded travel bag— you are ready to rock any place.


There is no need to mention the importance of shoes. Keep adding to your collection and never compromise with the quality.