8 Customizations You Can Get In Custom Hair Systems Only

As a supplier of both stock and custom hairpieces, we can’t afford to be partial. Each kind has its own set of pluses. Stock or ready-made pieces are meant for ‘right away’. Add to cart and you’ll get it delivered at a wink.

Custom systems can’t be produced overnight. In fact, not a single best quality 100% Remy human hair system can be crafted within 12 hours. What we sell as stock systems are hairpieces that have been made earlier, standardized in terms of certain features, and kept in stock. 

Buyers can avail some kind of customizations while shopping a stock piece. He can select the hair color, a base of his choice or a gray percentage that will suit him best but if he is looking for more, a custom system will turn out to be the one and only choice.

Here we have a list of 8 exclusive customizations that only a custom hairpiece can provide to a buyer—

Base Size
Stock hairpieces are crafted on a standard base size and the buyer needs to cut it shorter if required. While ordering a custom system, either he can choose from a number of options as found in the drop down menu of the form or he can send a template representing his exact scalp size (check our site to learn how to make a template). The base will be cut accordingly before inserting the hair.

Hair length
Stock hairpieces usually come with a standard hair length of 6 inches but when you are placing an order for a custom piece, you can ask for a hair length as short as 4 inches. If you are fan of long hair you have the liberty to select a length up to 18 inches.

Choice of style
The buyer can pick a style of his choice from the list that drops down whenever he clicks on the style menu of custom ordering form. The system will be crafted accordingly. Stock hairpiece orders do not provide styling options. After you have got the piece, you need to style it the way you like.

Options in waving
Custom ordering enables the buyers to select from a number of waving styles--from straight to tight curls. There’s only one waving pattern available in stock pieces—slight wave.

Options in density
Standard hair density in stock pieces is medium light to medium. In custom pieces you can ask for thinner or thicker hair.

Poly border customization
Some people prefer Poly borders and some people don’t. Some people want it to be around the full perimeter and others like to keep the Poly patches on the back and on the sides, just to make sure that the adhesion will be good and there will no issues in removal and reattachment.

Choice of hair insertion method
A buyer can choose from injected, knotted and V-loop varieties, a service not available to stock hairpiece buyers.

Replication of an existing hairpiece, possessed by the buyer is an exclusive custom hair system service, not provided by all the hairpiece suppliers. We do, since we strive to make our customers get ‘exactly’ what they want.