8 Best Full-cap Options Of Men’s Toupees

Men’s toupees are constructed on lace, skin or monofilament bases. These bases differ in terms of the material used and texture. Lace and skin bases have got further classifications but if we talk about the number of options available, that can be too many.

People can order for full caps or partial caps. Below is the list of 8 best full-cap men’s hairpiece options which you can customize in terms of hair color, base color, hair density, gray percentage etc.

French lace with Poly

Made of fine soft mesh of French lace, these toupees are more durable than Swiss lace toupees. This is why most people who are just starting their journeys as hairpiece wearers, buy French lace toupees with Poly borders. These borders provide good adhesion and prevent tearing.

French lace without Poly

These bases do not have any Polyurethane or Poly border and you can have more ventilation on the edges. Those who seek invisible hairline but at the same time do not want to compromise with the durability, can consider this option.

Swiss lace

The best advantage of this option is it is less detectable than the French lace base and it is softer. Normally people choose this base when they have got already accustomed with the hairpieces. This base cannot withstand too much pulling. Be careful while using it.

Superfine Swiss lace with Poly

This one is almost invisible and people watching the wearer can never figure out that it’s a hairpiece out there. This too has good ventilation. The Poly border provides support as well as helps in adhesion.

French lace with SFS front

This is basically a French lace toupee with SFS in the front part. The best thing of this toupee is you can get a durable base but can have an undetectable hairline as well.

Thin Skin

This base is made of superfine Poly and one of the best options for full-cap wearers. Although skin bases have lesser ventilation than lace bases, most of the custom hairpieces are made of Skin. The hairline becomes invisible.

Bio Skin

This is a very special base that feels like human skin. It is stretchy, provides more comfort than thin skin and most importantly, this too creates an impression of invisible hairline.

Monofilament with Poly

Of all the bases mentioned above, this one is the best in terms of durability. It has a net-like structure that can withstand pressure and pulling more than any other base. Its poly border ensures good adhesion and provides a support to the base.