7 Reasons To Buy A French Lace Toupee

Have you just decided to buy toupees and feeling confused with a host of options you have found on the web? Being a hairpiece supplier for more than 14 years we shall recommend that you choose one ready-made stock hairpiece constructed on French lace base.

All the newbies joining the league of hairpiece-wearers should start with French lace toupees. Why?

Please find below 7 reasons—

Ø French lace mesh is soft and comfortable. All the new users should feel comfortable wearing a toupee in the initial days before they get accustomed enough with the system. A French lace version is ideal for them.

Ø French lace toupees have good ventilation. Enough aeration prevents itching or any kind of bacterial growth on the scalp. This keeps the scalp healthy even if you wear the hairpiece round the clock.

Ø Unlike Swiss lace hair systems, these toupees are less susceptible to get torn apart.

Ø If you want invisible hairline, this is one of the best options to go for. But you need to choose the color of the base properly so that it can match with your exact facial complexion.

Ø Even ready-made French lace hair replacement systems can be customized in terms hair color, gray percentage, hair density, hair length and styling.

Ø If bought from a good supplier, a French lace toupee can provide you a luxurious look since most of the premium hairpiece makers use 100% Remy human hair. This hair is shiny and silky in appearance. Toupees constructed with this variety of hairpiece hair enhance the look of the wearer. 

Ø French lace hairpieces with a Polyurethane border around the full perimeter or Poly borders only on the sides and backs can provide good adhesion. Glue tapes are easy to use on these Poly areas. Besides, the Poly border also provides an additional support to the base.