7 Essential Grooming Tips For Men

Think about George Clooney or Michael Douglas. They wooed the girls almost half of their age. So if you’re growing old, there’s no need to fret about. Follow the grooming tips. We are sure women around will feel gravitated.

Set a hairstyle

Your hairstyle is the key to set your look. If you have a good volume to flaunt then go for hair spa once a month. If you have balding problem then buy a couple of lace or skin hair systems. Get those constructed in style, color and gray percentage of your choice.

Make sure to buy a ‘quality’ piece so that it can provide invisible hairline.

Use a moisturizer

Like women, men also should apply moisturizer daily on face and on the area around the neck. Dab on the eye contours and smile lines specially. Those are the areas where first wrinkles appear.

If you are living in a dry zone, also use a non-sticky body lotion after bath.

Clean your face

You should clean your face daily with a gentle, herbal face wash but on your shave day or once a week you should use an exfoliating facial scrub. Make it a routine.

Manicure and Pedicure

Please leave aside your male ego and do it at least once a month. But every week you should make it a point to cut and clean your nails. Women do take note whether the nails are clean.

Control sweating

Women hate sweating other than ‘special’ occasions and so you need to take measures that will make you sweat less. To your wonder we shall ask you to stop alcohol and caffeine intakes. Weight reduction will also help and so will a good antiperspirant which you are supposed to apply before going to bed.

Also buy a good cologne and deodorant.

Spa session

If you cannot afford it once a month, go for it once a quarter. This will not only wash away dead cells and rejuvenate your skin but will also make you feel refreshed from inside.

Use a mouthwash

Not only you should keep your teeth spotless white but also need to use a good mouthwash post each major meal.

Be kind to the ladies!