6 waving styles offered in custom hairpieces

A buyer can choose from a range of waving styles or curl types while placing an order for custom hairpieces. Natural hair is found in many waving or curl patterns.

Any good hairpiece supplier should keep provisions to cater to all kind of waving or curl requirement of the customers. At least, we do.
You can check the images of our curl/wave section under ‘Info’ menu. Here we have some information to share on each variety.


This needs no explanation. Hair is neither curved nor crooked. The best example from the celeb zone is David Beckham. His hair is naturally straight, ideal to style it in spikes and we all know how splendidly he does that.

Slight Wave

According to many hairstylists, slight wave hair is the most versatile of all, best for any kind of styling experiment, the kind of natural hair Johnny Depp has.

Medium Wave

Have you watched any episode of ‘Heroes’? You may never forget the striking feature of Sendhil Ramamurthy and his hairstyle. It’s natural and a good example of medium wave.

Tight wave

Simon Baker, the Australian actor does have a chestnut brown tight wave hair and he looks so handsome.

Loose curl

Howie Mandel has got exactly what we call a natural loose curl. The ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge has thick hair with beautiful tiny ringlets, hanging on the forehead. Now, hairpiece wearers can take advantage of this style as the fringes will be hidden beneath the ringlets. Order for a men’s hair replacement, customized with this style.

Tight curl/Afro

We have a long list of A-list celebrities, past and present, to talk about but most of all we remember ‘boy’ MJ with his luscious thick afro curls and an innocent smile. He went for a makeover in later years of his career. Whatever is the style, we shall always love MJ, he will always reside in our hearts and fond memories.