6 varieties of lace toupee bases

We have reached the age of Bio-skin bases. This material is so stretchy, light and thin that it feels like human skin. Besides, it becomes completely invisible.

Still there are many loyal users of the lace bases, chiefly because of its neutral color which is invisible against human skin and finely woven soft mesh which is not only too comfortable but also highly ventilated.
For all those who ‘love’ lace, we have assorted 6 varieties—

French lace without Poly

This is specially recommended for new hairpiece wearers since it’s more durable than Swiss lace. New wearers take time to learn how to safely handle a hairpiece so that the base does not get ruptured.

French lace with full perimeter Poly

If you are the one who has never worn any hairpiece, you should buy a French lace hair system with full perimeter Poly. Poly is nothing but Polyurethane. It’s a synthetic material produced for the hairpiece industry.
It’s found in different thickness levels and the thinnest ones are used as Skin bases for Skin hair systems. For hairpiece borders, we use a little thicker Polies which are not that visible on the fringes but provide better adhesion.
At the same time, the base gets an added support.

French lace with Poly on side and back

Since lace toupee wearers seek invisible hairline in the front, full perimeter Poly may not seem satisfactory and so they often keep the Poly at the back of the piece, stretched up to the ears.

Swiss lace without Poly

This is the finest variety of all and only completely seasoned wearers should go for this. The invisibility factor is the highest.

Swiss lace with Poly

This too can be recommended to a new wearer who does want to feel the comfort of Swiss lace but needs an added Poly support for better adhesion and easy removals. He can keep it on the sides and back only.
French lace with SFS front

SFS is an abbreviation of Superfine Swiss. Some wearers want to keep SFS at the front and French lace at the rest. So they get an invisible hairline in the front along with a durable base.
You can also add Poly on the side and back. That’ll be a smarter choice.