6 Tips To Make The Hairpieces Last Longer

Durability of hairpieces is an issue and it is partly related to the quality of the piece and partly to its maintenance. If properly taken care of, a men’s toupee or a women’s hair system can last up to 6 months.

If you are a regular wearer and you need to buy at least one new piece in every two months, then you should take note that something is not just going right.

May be you are not following the maintenance guidelines properly or what you are buying are not durable enough.

Below are certain tips on making your hairpieces last longer--

You should always buy from a reputed supplier who is in this trade for a long time and has got a good client base.

Choose the base which you can handle that means if you are confident enough to take care of delicate bases like Swiss lace or Bio Skin, then only go for them. If you are not too sure, buy a monofilament hairpiece. This one is more hardy than the rest.

One simple good trick to increase the durability is to add polyurethane borders. Be it a lace base, skin or monofilament, you can ask the supplier to add a Poly border around the full perimeter of the base or only on the sides and backs.

Do not take off the pieces too frequently or daily. That is not required first of all since you can take a bath, swim, run or sleep while putting it on and you can get enough ventilation. If you take it off too often, that will affect the stability and create unnecessary stress on the material.

Always comb and wash the hairpieces with gentle strokes or else the base can get torn off.

Do wash the hairpieces with purified water and sulfate free products otherwise the systems can get