6 Divas Who Wear Hairpieces

Men go ‘ga-ga’ over them and women see them as idols. They are worshipped and adored by people of all ages. They are sizzling, stylish and of course possess a great talent. They are the six Divas of our time and they all wear custom hair replacements.


She is the one who treats the hairpieces as the most prized possessions and she likes to talk about it in front of media without any inhibition. Her two most favorite strawberry blonde hairpieces are named after two women she is fond of—Jackie Collins and June Carter.

Lady Gaga

Her hairpieces are ‘tremendous’. We cannot find a better word. She has an inventory which is enviable for anyone who takes hairpieces as a kind of fashion accessory. Our lady has a receding hairline which got revealed a couple of months back when she boldly posted a pic on Instagram, going all natural.

But who cares? We love her experimentation with looks.

Beyonce Knowles

Now it has been an open secret and Beyonce too has admitted that she hardly makes a public appearance without a hairpiece. She has a preference on lace-front toupees. Whatever it is, she looks great in those pieces.

Nicky Minaj

This sizzling girl has even launched her own wig line and also got tangled in a legal issue. Thanks to the Judge who declined the $30 million lawsuit filed by Nicky’s former hairpiece designer.

Leave out all the rest, we love watching her flaunting the pieces, no matter what.

Katy Perry

She changes her style so frequently that everyone knows that she wears hair replacements and what a replacement she does! A black cropped cut today and a bouncy blonde the day after. Well we actually don’t mind since she looks so beautiful in whatever she wears.


This pretty girl suffers from hair loss due to her lifestyle but that’s not the reason behind her wearing hairpieces. She does it to glam up. She too has an inventory in a number of styles, streaks and hair colors.

And she rocks!