5 tricks to make people laugh out loud

 By definition, laughter is a visual expression of certain emotional states. We all know how people crave for a good laugh when life seems to  choke them in some way or the other.

 Laughter is a liberation, a reaction, regulated by the brain that can pull someone up from depression and release the stress.

So, just follow the 5 tips and make your loved ones laugh out loud.

Speak gibberish
It’s one of the most innocent tricks to trigger instant results. But while you are blabbering non-sense, keep a serious tone. That would make the make thing more comical.

Eat someone’s brain
This is tricky. It’s like a sword with no blunt side. If you play wrong the person will feel more annoyed or disturbed but if you can keep the timing right and pour the right dose of humor, you can turn his/her mood around. It’s a best trick for couples and best friends. You can try with your parents too but that depends.

Deck up weird
You don’t need to put a red nose but donning up in a weird way can make people lol. Say for example, wearing a women’s skirt, paired with a suit, waist coat and tie. You can think of a weird hairpiece also. A good quality men’s hair system can leave someone awestruck but a weird hair system, something much like Phil Spector, can make him laugh his heart out.

Show him a Chaplin movie
Not the full-length features like ‘Monsieur Verdoux’ or ‘The Kid’. People with little sensitivity can end up sobbing. Pick the silent shorts that feature the quirky tramp and his incredibly hilarious encounters with life.

Play a foreign language song
With no offence meant, it’s an old trick and an innocent one. The phonetics need to be way different from yours. Italians can hardly laugh on Portuguese songs since these two languages are similar in many ways but the Japanese can and vice versa.