5 Things Men Should Do After 40

The number 40 has got some sensitive connotations. People feel bad that they are aging but there are many who take it as a turnaround year. They try a completely new hairstyle, leave jobs to found a start-up or go for a dream vacation.

Many signs of aging start appearing in our body which are depressing but if you give in to depression, you’ll grow old faster. So, we suggest a few things that men should do after 40—

Grow a beard

Below-the-jaw skin sagging is the first indicator of aging and the best trick to hide is to grow a light beard.
Massage, skincare, body toning

Massage and spa is a must after 40. This is an age when most men remain at the peak of their professional lives and they need these relaxing sessions. Dry skin is common at this age, paving the way for wrinkles.

Regular visit to the spa and a daily skincare routine is required. It’s better to get an appointment with a specialist and stick to the products he prescribes instead of hyped ones.

Besides consult a fitness specialist to tone your muscles and follow a gym routine.

Get a cool hairstyle

Proper hairstyles can make men look younger. Every ‘40s man should try a new haircut. Balding and receding hairline is a common issue at this phase of life but never ever go for transplants. Get a good men’s hair system instead. These are not pricey and you can buy two/three to swap when needed.


Watch ‘Wild’ once again and say kudos to the girl. Can you do something like that? You won’t have to cross the same trail but do backpack in the weekends, partly to revive your high school memories and partly to satiate your own ego. These trips will make you feel younger.

Quit smoking

If you are smart, you’ll definitely do this after 40. Keep aside the health issues, this habit triggers premature graying of hair and wrinkles.