5 Things Men Can Do To Defy Aging

The inspiration behind this post is Milan Kundera. Just when everyone was thinking that the 80+ French novelist may not write fictions any more, he started working on the next. And we’ve got ‘The Festival of Insignificance’ this year. The English translation got released in the US this month only.

There are loads of things that men can do to defy aging. One should always keep the spirit of living alive.

Deck up

Whether he’s going out or just enjoying the comfort of home, he should deck up every day, the way he wants. We’re not talking about formal attires. Even if he feels like slipping in a Polo and shorts, he should pick the stuff that boosts his mood and doesn’t make him feel old-ish.


Think about Tom Cruise or George Clooney.

Regular exercise can keep aging away from your body. One doesn’t have to grow a six pack but should feed his muscles and be careful not to develop a belly pack.

Get a cool haircut or buy a hairpiece

Hair is the key look-setter. So all aging men need a smart haircut and if he’s balding, should invest on a couple of good-grade men’s hair systems. One can buy ready-made or stock pieces. But it’s always good to opt for custom hairpieces.

Contemporary hairpieces are comfort wearables. Aging or no aging, these are meant for all. Do buy one with 100% Remy human hair since this variety provides a very luxurious and upmarket look.

Healthy lifestyle habits

To get something you need to say goodbye to a number of things. So, men should quit smoking in the first place if they really want to slow down aging and consult a dietician. A healthy diet will keep the body well-functioning and make the skin glowing with lesser marks of aging.

Feel Young

This is the basic mantra of defying aging. And the easiest way of practicing this is to forget about the age, completely. Enjoy the birthdays but never count.