5 Steps To Order A Custom Hairpiece System

If you have never placed an order for a custom hair system online and wondering how you shall do it, please follow the simple steps below. We have made it easy even for the new users.

Step 1

First you need to decide whether you want to replicate an existing system or would go for a new option.

If the former, you have to courier us the system after cleaning it. We shall get back accordingly.

If the latter, then you’ll need to place the order online.

Step 2

Before doing anything, first take a pen and paper. Write down the specifications you want, like the hair color, hair length, gray percentage, and hair density, size of the hair system (size of your scalp, hairline to hairline), waving pattern and styling.

Gray percentage means the proportion of gray hair that you want to keep in the toupee.

If you don’t want gray hair to be mixed then you need to choose 0% from the drop down menu options when you’ll fill out the form.

Similarly, if you are not seeking waving and would prefer a straight hair, choose likewise.

Step 3

Now go to the ‘Custom Hair Systems’ section on the HairpieceWarehouse website. There you shall find the options for bases. Hairpieces are constructed on a base. It can be made of lace, Polyurethane skin or a monofilament sheet.

Carefully read the base options. Go through the specifications.

Decide on the base.

An important task at this stage is to identify the base color you’d require. That should match with your complexion.

Step 4

On that very page, beside every base option you will get buttons for ‘add to cart’. By clicking on it, you will get to see a fill out form opening.

For skin hairpieces you need to decide on the type of hair attachment you’ll prefer. Each variety of skin bases will come with at least two options. Choose and click accordingly.

In case of lace hairpieces you’ll be asked whether you want a Polyurethane border for better adhesion of the hair system or you want a base without Poly.

Now take the paper where you have listed all the details you want in your hair system and finish filling out.

Below, a special instruction box is provided. Leave a message, if you have any.

Step 5

After you finish step 4, you’ll be guided for the checkout process. You can mention your personal finance information without any hesitation. The site is completely protected.