5 Most Durable Custom Hair Systems

Seasoned hairpiece wearers always prefer custom systems since these specially crafted pieces can provide perfect fitting and undetectable hairline as these are constructed according to the specific size mentioned by the client.

Stock hairpieces are chiefly meant for emergency requirements or for the new wearers. Ideally, someone should start with a couple of stock hairpieces, get habituated with the systems, learn how to handle the pieces, how to clean, how to remove and reattach etc. and then go for the customized pieces.

Custom hairpieces are available in 5 kind of bases

1) French lace
2) Swiss Lace
3) Thin Skin
4) Bio Skin
5) Monofilament

Apart from Monofilament, each base is available either with a Poly border, around the full perimeter or only on the sides and back, or without a Poly. These modifications actually determine the durability. But, of course, how delicate is the base contributes to the issue.

An effectively durable base is a function of the base and choice of Poly. Below is a list of 5 most durable bases that are used for crafting custom hair systems.

French lace with full perimeter Poly

Of the two varieties of laces used for hairpiece making, French lace is more durable than Swiss lace. One should choose French lace as a preferred base option if he’s a comparatively new user. Addition of Poly around the full perimeter will make removal and reattachment easier for him/her.

French lace with SFS front and Poly on sides and back

Swiss lace provides better invisibility than French lace but less durable. Many a time customers find it difficult to decide between these two and seek both functionalities in a single solution. This is how French lace with SFS front has born.
Apart from a couple of inches in the frontal part of the base where Superfine Swiss lace is put, rest of the base is made of French lace mesh only. It’s more durable than a full Swiss lace base. One can add Poly on sides and back to make adhesion easier.

Superfine Swiss lace with full perimeter Poly

Some customers are in love with Swiss lace and they never agree to switch to French lace. We suggest that they should at least add Poly border for the full perimeter so that frequent adhesions and removals do not damage the delicate mesh.

Thin Skin

Skin or Poly skin bases are super-thin and highly transparent. These are more durable than lace bases in general and there’s no need to add Poly borders. Thin skin is more durable than Bio Skin. The latter, in spite of being stretchy is way thinner than Thin skins and if the wearer is not careful enough, the base can get torn apart.

Monofilament with full perimeter Poly

This is the best, in terms of durability. Monofilament is neither a lace nor a skin but a special material which appears like a net with minuscule cells. This special material, when added with full perimeter Poly, becomes the best durable base available for custom hairpiece construction.