5 Hollywood Stars Of The Past Who Wore Hairpieces

John Travolta and Charlie Sheen do have predecessors in the industry who wore hairpieces almost throughout their careers. And they are big names.

Men’s hairpieces made the entry in the Tinsel town roughly around 1920s. Initially it was introduced by the make-up artists and the hair dressers for the sake of styling movie characters. Later many stars picked it up as a trend or a necessity and started wearing the pieces even off camera.
Over the time the craftsmanship improved and the hairpieces today are far more sophisticated and natural looking than the pieces worn in the ‘50s.
Still these men successfully stole millions of hearts--

Charlton Heston
Yes. The great ‘Ben-Hur’, ‘Ten Commandments’ and ‘Planet of the Apes’ star wore toupees for many years. But he kept that a secret. Since the time he took up wearing toupees, he hardly made public appearances without it.
Only in the later days of his career when he started acting in the West End of London, his co-actors came to know about this. He played the role of Sir Thomas More in the play ‘A Man For All Seasons’ where he was supposed to wear a toupee.
And he wore it over his own hairpiece.

Frank Sinatra
This singer-actor legend possessed a good inventory of hairpieces and he wore them even off camera, as revealed by the hairstylist who worked with him in many films. Sinatra switched to synthetic hairpieces from the lace ones in the later days of his career.

Humphrey Bogart
He was the man in love with his hairpiece maker. One of the greatest stars of American cinema met Verita Bouvair Thompson at an after party. By that time she established herself as a sought-after hairpiece maker and crafted toupees for Gary Cooper, Ray Milland and George Raft.
After she met Bogart and fell in love with him, she became his personal hair stylist and followed him like a shadow throughout his career. Apart from styling his hair for the movies she did make toupees that Bogart wore off camera.
And she kept that a secret for years.

Sir Sean Connery
No one would believe that when he first signed the contract for 007, he was almost fully bald. The breathtaking bond looks of Sir Connery which we are familiar with were set by hairpieces.
But he never liked the idea and later in his career chose to go bald.

Jimmy Stewart
The famous MGM star didn’t have any hair loss problem until late ‘40s. Then he decided to wear hairpieces. But he always kept a certain percentage of gray in the mix so that to flaunt a natural look.