5 Hairstyle Trends/Tricks To Hide Hairpiece Hairline

How the hairlines will appear remains the key concern of all hairpiece buyers. Custom hairpieces constructed on Swiss lace, Bio skin or Thin skin do provide practically undetectable hairlines. Still some people cannot let go their worries and we suggest them to select a hairstyle that can cover the frontal hairline, especially.

There are plenty of such styles in trend.

Below are the best 5—

Structured Fringe
There are 101 varieties of fringe. You need to find the one that suits your facial shape, personality and profession. You can try structured fringed cut and keep the hair color lighter. Obviously this will make you look younger and cover the forehead, completely.

Mop Top
Maybe this one is the best as it covers the entire hairline area of the scalp. This famous ‘Beatles’ style became a popular wave in fashion as hardly there was any man or boy in the 60s and 70s who didn’t flaunt it at least once in his lifetime.

This style is so intriguing that it made its way even after the Millennium. We have seen our darling Bieber, Zac Efron and a host of Disney actors like Dylan Sprouse sporting the style. But the style is often criticized of being too boyish.

Those who don’t find this style suitable for men in thirties and forties should catch a glimpse of Christopher Jareki’s look on the premiere of ‘Trophic Thunder’, back in 2008.

That was a remarkable modification of classic mop top which made Jareki look so over the top manly. Besides we can highly suggest another modified version of Mop Top that was among the top trends last year—the curly mop.

The best part is hair is shorter around the neck the unlike classic mop and long curls give a contemporary edge to the style.

Clooney’s short clipper
Those who need a very formal senior citizen look because of their profession and age as well, should try Clooney’s short clipper cut. This one is side parted with longer hair on the top, hiding the frontal hairline. In spite of being formal, this cut is classically manly.

Side swept
You can simply try side swept combing. That’s rather uncomplicated. This may make the hairline around the ears a bit exposed but if you order for a hairpiece with medium heavy to heavy hair density and keep the hair length a little longer than something like clipper, the problem can be solved.

Top textured
This too is a versatile cut and easy for customization to suit a number facial shapes. Top hair is textured in a way that the hairline remains hidden all the time.

You should take note that in case of stock hairpieces you’ll need to buy the hairpiece first and then take it to a salon to trim the hair, the way you want. All stock hairpieces come with 6 inch hair. If you are seeking longer hair length, then you need to place an order for custom men’s hair system.

Custom hairpieces are constructed in a variety of hair lengths. But whichever you buy, you should take help of a professional for perfect styling.