5 Best Skin Hairpiece Options You Can Choose From

When you are buying a skin hairpiece, you need to make a number of choices. You have to select the type of base, color of the base, hair color, hair density and so on. You also need to decide whether you shall go for an injected construction or a knotted one. 

There can be at least 20-odd permutation-combinations that may make you feel dizzy. So we have filtered 5 best skin hairpiece options so that it becomes easier for you choose. But remember, if you are selecting skin as your preferred base, it is wise to consider full customization.

Also, make sure that the hair attached is100% Remy human hair, the best in quality.  

1. Thin Skin Knotted

The hairpiece is constructed on a superfine Thin Skin base. These skins are Polyurethane sheets, specially produced for hairpiece industry. Polyurethane is a chemically developed material but safe for human skin. It does not react chemically since after the production the substance becomes inert.

Being very fine in texture, Thin Skin bases become invisible after wearing, making the hairlines undetectable. Hair is knotted with the base in this variety.

2. Thin Skin Injected

This is another type of Thin Skin hairpiece where the hair is injected to the base. The advantage of injected hair is that it seems like the hair has grown right from the base, providing a natural look.

3. Thin Skin Full Cap

Hairpieces can be full cap or partial cap. A full cap skin hairpiece is a perfect choice for those who have full or more than 60% balding. Apart from the hair attachment process, all the features are same as the other two options of Thin Skin hairpiece.

What makes it different is that a full cap thin skin hairpiece comes with only V-loop hair attachment. Hair cannot be injected or knotted.

4. Bio Skin V-loop

A Bio Skin base is a superfine skin base that feels like human skin. It is even finer than ‘Thin Skin’. It is stretchy and appears completely transparent after wearing. No one can ever identify that you are not in your own hair. This will make you forget about the hairpiece. It is that comfortable.

A V-loop bio skin hairpiece means it has got V-loop ventilation or hair attachment.

5. Bio Skin Knotted

Here the base is Bio Skin providing the wearer an invisible hairline. The hair is knotted and all the other features of Bio Skin base remain the same.