5 Best Features Of Stock Toupees

A stock toupee is nothing but a hair replacement system which is absolutely ready for the delivery and in stock. Hairpiece construction is a long process and if you want one to be constructed for you, then you need to wait for at least 5 weeks, if not more, whereas we deliver stock pieces in three days.

This is why we either sell stock hairpieces or ask our customers to order for a custom hairpiece. They can enjoy more customization options in the latter but if they are in a hurry, a stock toupee is the best solution. 

Please find below the 5 best features--

1. Quick fix

These toupees can serve you for any urgent requirement. For example, let’s say you have been invited in a formal Easter dinner this Sunday and you feel that your hairline has receded a lot in last two months. You need a quick fix and a stock toupee is the best one.

2. Scalp-friendly

Stock hairpieces are constructed on fine Swiss lace or French lace meshes and so your scalp gets enough ventilation. There is no chance of sweating, rashes, itching or bacterial growth underneath. These are absolutely scalp-friendly.

3. Round-the-clock wear

Since the bases of these toupees are made of fine and soft lace, you will never feel a slightest discomfort while wearing it for hours. These are so made that you can keep it on round-the-clock and will tend to forget that you are wearing something.

4. Invisible hairline

These lace meshes are so fine that the base clings to the scalp like an invisible sheet of cloth. People can never figure out there is a hairpiece unless your choice of base color was wrong and it does not match with your complexion. The fringes will become prominent in that case. 

5. Shiny and stylized hair

All of our stock hairpieces are constructed with 100% Remy human hair and this particular variety of hairpiece hair is known for its shiny and luxurious look. Besides, you are free to choose any style, whichever you like to flaunt.