5 Benefits Of Using Custom Hair Systems

There is as such no difference in quality between a ready-made hairpiece and a custom hairpiece but in a custom piece, the customer is provided with more number of options to choose from.

Custom hairpieces are specially meant for those who have been wearing hairpieces for a long time now and can maintain delicate pieces. Most of the custom pieces are constructed on finer or thinner bases than stock hairpieces and so need proper handling.
Below are 5 benefits of using custom systems-

• A customer can order for one with the exact size measurements of his scalp. This is why, custom pieces are likely to fit along the curvature of the scalp of the wearers. They can make a template to mail the supplier so that the hairpiece maker would know the exact dimensions required.

• Most of the custom hairpieces are constructed on super thin skins or superfine laces so that the base looks invisible. This gives an impression as if the hair has grown from the scalp only. The base tends to disappear providing a completely natural look.

• The user has a range of options to customize according to his requirements. He can choose from a range of waving patterns, can order for any percentage of gray, any kind of hair color and highlight streaks too. Although stock hairpieces are available in different color shades, you can only choose the gray mix up to a certain percentage, not more.

Custom hair systems is styled as per the chosen hairstyle by the customer. It can be flatback, center part or right part. When the order is placed, the customer needs to mention it and the piece gets be constructed that way. Stock pieces are delivered in freestyle. The customer needs to style it later.

• Any hair length is available in case of custom hairpieces, it can be 6 inch to 18 inches. The customer will decide.