4 Things You Should Check Before Buying A Hairpiece

Just put a search and you’ll find thousands of suppliers on the web. You’ll get confused and will look for cheap deals further. Your eyes will be hooked on the price tags and finally you’d pick the cheapest one in your budget.

Well, you may buy clothes this way but this doesn’t work for hairpiece purchase. Many of our clients did the mistake before knocking at our door. And we are glad that our quality pieces have compensated their previous losses.
Before adding to cart any hairpiece you should be sure that it’s ‘really good’. Look for these 4 things—

Superfine lace or Super-thin skin

The base is the foundation of a hairpiece and it needs to be ultra-thin or superfine so that it looks invisible after the wearer has put it on. Superfine Swiss lace is the best variety and so is ultra-thin Bio-skin. These bases are capable of providing undetectable hairline.

Remy Human Hair

Like the base, the hair adhered to the base, should be of best quality and there’s no better alternative than Remy human hair. This is a special variety of human hair, used for crafting hairpieces. The cuticles are kept intact so that the hair looks natural. It’s known for its shine and luxurious look.

Poly borders

Although seasoned hairpiece wearers do not need this, if you are a new member of the league, you should go for it. Check whether the supplier can provide bases with polyurethane borders. These borders are extra support to the men’s hair replacement bases, prevent tearing and help in adhesion.

Type of hair attachment

Hair can be attached through knotting/injecting or V-loop. Each type of attachment comes with a degree of aeration/ventilation. Preference does vary from buyer to buyer. Before buying you should learn more on this and decide on the type of ventilation you seek. Order accordingly.