4 Reasons Customers Should Keep A Stock Of Stock Hairpieces

The term may seem little confusing to people. Stock hairpieces are actually ready-made hairpieces which are kept in stock at the supplier so that when a customer is in urgent need, the hair system can be delivered within one or two days.

But customers too should keep a stock of such hairpieces if they are the ones who hardly step out without wearing a hairpiece. Why? We can talk about 4 situations when these stock pieces can come in handy.

Damaged by chance

Hairpieces are meant to be custom-made if you want a flawless natural hairline finish and this is why daily users wear custom pieces only. But what will happen if the hairpiece gets damaged by chance?

Anything can happen. It can fall prey to your pet if you aren’t careful enough, you can accidentally tear the base while reattaching the piece or while combing in a hurry.

Imagine this has happened when you are supposed to leave for office within 10/15 minutes. A stock hair system, kept in your wardrobe, can turn a savior.

Emergency washing

Partying is good but sometimes it causes troubles. No birthday party is complete without a cake fight session and if it’s your close friend’s party you cannot just keep yourself away from the fun. People will not let you, in the first place.

And what would you say? “Please don’t, this will make my hairpiece dirty and I would have to remove it for cleaning?”

If your hairpiece gets cream wrap or alcohol splash, you’d have to wash it or the hairpiece hair will get damaged. And you cannot blow dry the piece. It needs to dry naturally. So, what would you wear till it’s dry enough?
Always keep a stock lace toupee or skin toupee ready for such emergencies.

Any special occasion

You may not want to attend a friend’s wedding, go for a party or date with the same boring gray-mixed hairpiece that you wear all the time—while at home, while at the jogger’s park, the supermarket, shopping mall, office—everywhere.

You may feel like taking a break from look that you wear all the time and flaunt something different when you are heading toward a celebration.

So keep a stock hairpiece ready with 0% gray mix. Choose a peppy color that suits you. (Now, you have to decide on that and we think you should listen to your partner about the choice of color)

Are you feeling apprehensive thinking how would people react?

If your hairpiece is not an open secret then people would think that you might have had a salon session. And if everyone knows about it then they’d just appreciate. Of course, you’d have to buy a quality piece from a good supplier.

To swap the base, for a change

Lace bases are more ventilated than skin bases but at the same time the invisibility factor is found best in thin skin or bio skin bases. Different people have different choices and every single base variety offers a set of functionalities which are unique.

To experience the difference, you can swap. If you are a lace base user, keep a stock toupee of skin base and vice versa. This will make you feel refreshed.